Claremont Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company offers insurance coverage for farm and home dwellings, other structures and farm and home personal property.

As a township mutual, Claremont Farmers writes coverage for fire and extended coverage perils.  We “package” our coverage with one of our two packaging companies, North Star Mutual Insurance located in Cottonwood, MN and Ram Mutual Insurance Company located in Esko, MN, to offer competitive rates and specialized services for individual needs. By packaging our policies, we are able to provide a broad range of coverages from fire, wind, lightning, hail, water damages and other types of risk. In addition, our packaging companies provide inland marine and liability coverages.


Claremont Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company offers a wide array of farm coverages specific to the farming industry.  Whether specialized structures, expensive equipment, grain, livestock or the numerous other risks involved in a farming business, we have many options which can be included to accommodate individual needs.



Claremont Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company writes insurance in the following counties in southern MN: